Silkie Smooth Coffee




Silkie Smooth is a 100% Arabica 3-bean coffee blend that is clean, rich, and bold.

It’s a recipe I was able to pry out of an old coffee roaster that bounced around from the U.S. to England, to Scotland, and finally to Ireland.

We were chatting one day and he said, ‘You know, I remember an old recipe we used to make that was so smooth yet deep and satisfying.’  It took some memory jogging, a bit of arm wrestling, and a promise to keep the bean mix ‘top secret’ that finally sprung the recipe free.

Since we don’t sell Silkie Smooth in any retail outlets you can only get it here on the website.  And so far, everyone that has tried it, has had high praise for my old roaster friend’s long lost blend.

Personally it has become my new ‘go to’ morning cup of coffee.  Try it and it might become yours.


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Additional information

Weight 0.227 kg
Coffee Type

Standard Grind, Whole Bean

Pack Size

227g, Ikg