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Coffee Club

The Red Rooster Limited Edition Coffee Club

Bringing you specialty coffee not available to the general public


Do you REALLY LOVE coffee . . . I mean REALLY LOVE coffee?

If you do, please invest a few minutes and read on, I think you’ll be glad you did.  Oh, and since birds of a feather often flock together please share this with your coffee loving friends.

What I want to propose to you is something that is going to cost you a bit more money than you’re used to paying for a bag of coffee.  Although, when you do the math, you’ll find it isn’t excessive.

In fact, once I explain what I’m proposing I think you’ll want to join me as we share together some of the greatest coffees in the world.



See, what’s been happening is that every now and then one of my coffee bean suppliers calls me and whispers in my ear . . . . .

“Hey, I got hold of some Costa Rica Tarrazu Dota Providencia (or whatever one-of-a-kind coffee it may be) and it is absolutely FABULOUS!  Problem is, I could only get 12 bags at the auction.  Nine of them were immediately snapped up so only three bags left.  Do you want them?”


Aaarrrggghhh!  What a dilemma!!!  I’d love to jump on a bag of that coffee but instead I’m banging my head against the wall because none of my retailers can put a big price tag on a two pound bag of special limited edition coffee and expect to sell it.  They’d think it would be too big of a risk.

Frankly, they’d probably be right.

No doubt the retailer has several elite coffee customers, folks like you that would love to get their hands on such a singular and exceptional coffee, but he doesn’t have the time to identify those customers or educate them about why this particular coffee is so special and worth the premium price.



So that’s what I’m trying to do here.  I want to share these coffees with 48 coffee connoisseurs who would love to indulge in these rare and wonderful coffees as they come available.

Since these super premium coffees are few and far between there’s often a two or three month stretch between whispers.  Sooner or later though, the Whisperer calls. . .  and I’m back to banging my head against the wall because as a coffee lover I want to share these beautiful, over-the-top tasting coffees with a connoisseur like you.

No doubt you feel the same way when you find something you love.  You want to share it.  Maybe you’re already imagining yourself enjoying a lazy Sunday morning pot of exquisite coffee with someone you love; or delighting in helping your friends discover something unique and extraordinary.

I want those missed sharing opportunities to stop.  But how?



I’ve been pondering that question for quite awhile and then it hit me.  A limited membership club focused on these hard to find, big flavour coffees.

So . . . . . would you like to form a Limited Edition Coffee Club with me?  Do you want to be one of the 48 founding members?

If you do I can guarantee you that you’ll soon be sipping on some of the best and hardest to find coffees in the world.  Coffee that has met and surpassed the Cup of Excellence and Gold Cup standards by which great coffees are measured.  These are coffees that define the word exclusive and that’s why it isn’t unusual for there to be only a few bags of these coffees, in the whole world, that are available for purchase.



Simplicity is the key.  No debiting a credit card without your knowledge.  No buying a coffee that you don’t think you’d like.  None of that.

It’s a simple 3-step system.

Step 1:  Whenever the Coffee Whisperer tells me about a new blockbuster coffee I’ll send you an email explaining what’s available and the price for two pounds.

Step 2:  When you reply and say you want to participate in this lot of coffee I’ll send you an invoice to AND YOU’LL IMMEDIATELY PAY IT.  That’s because . . . . .

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE – In the past I’ve dithered when one of these coffees was offered to me.  And then when I called to place my order it was gone.  With a coffee club like this, where 48 eager members are ready say YES to these coffees, the possibility of that happening again will just about be eliminated.

And . . . . .

RISK ABATEMENT – You know how it is, lots of people tell you they are going to do such-and-so but then when the time comes for them to do it something else has gotten in the way.  Now though I won’t have to buy the coffee and then search for buyers because you’ll already be there.  And you’re assured of getting your two pound allotment of one of the world’s finest coffees because you locked it in before anyone else could get to it.

Step 3:   Sit back and wait for your coffee to arrive.  By the time I receive the green coffee, roast it, package it, and mail it, it’ll be about three weeks before you receive what I like to call ‘nature’s gift’.



So coffee friend, what do you think?

If you want to take some time to think about becoming a charter member of our club that’s quite alright, but here’s the rub: the Coffee Whisperer called.

This time there’s a magnificent Ethiopian Cheffe Jenata coffee on offer.  It is coffee that tastes like you’re drinking a bowl of blueberries—even though there are no blueberries in Ethiopia.  I had a similar coffee in the U.S. about six years ago.  It was unforgettable.  The coffee roaster I frequented was only able to secure one 132 pound bag of this miracle coffee.  I got one pound.

It was gone when I came back for more.

It was such a memorable cup that I’ve been yearning to repeat that experience for quite awhile (and I don’t use the word experience lightly!).  That’s how outstanding these matchless coffees can be!

Thankfully, I’m yearning no longer!  Yes, the Coffee Whisperer called and you can have the same memorable coffee experience that I had.  In fact this Limited Edition Club will make experiences like that go from rare to regular.

So now’s the time to get the club going.

As of this morning the Coffee Whisperer only had a few bags of the Cheffe Jenata left.  So if you want to drink a coffee you’ve . . . . .

  • Never had in a café
  • Never been able to purchase at the supermarket
  • Never come across in a specialty food store

NOW is the time for you to act!



Now is the time to become a charter member of the Red Rooster Limited Edition Coffee Club.  

Send an email to me – right now – saying that you want to be a charter member of the club, one of the 48.  Time is of the essence since the coffee may only be available for another day or two – if it isn’t gone already.  So please act fast.

Send an email to and lock in one of the most unique and greatest tasting coffees that you’ll ever get a chance to experience.

The price of the coffee for club members in Europe, including Ireland and the U.K., is €32.75 for two pounds of coffee, roasted or whole bean.  That PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING.

For all other destinations outside of Europe (as defined by Ireland’s postal service) add €2.00 to cover the additional shipping costs.  That makes your total cost €34.75.

In closing I want to reiterate that I’m starting this club because I want to share with you what are indisputably one-of-a-kind coffees.  Probably coffee the quality of which you’ve never tasted before.  Each coffee a journey of taste and aroma that you’ll remember for years to come.

As a coffee lover that’s something that’s hard to pass up.

I look forward to joining with you to regularly have a coffee adventure that we can experience personally and delight in sharing with our friends.  Please help me to say YES to the Coffee Whisperer before this remarkable batch of coffee – and the others that follow – is gone for good.

Email and join the Red Rooster Limited Edition Coffee Club today.